The first macro-fungi monograph in Serbia:

Amanita genus in Serbia

Book information

Amanita genus in Serbia (Rod Amanita u Srbiji) [Hardcover]
Nebojša Lukić (Author)

Product details:

  • Hardcover: 120 pages
  • Publisher: Gljivarsko društvo Šumadije (Sep 2013)
  • Language: Serbian
  • ISBN: 978-86-916985-0-8
  • Product Dimensions: A4

Product Description

• The monograph of Amanita genus in Serbia (the first macro-fungi monograph in Serbia).
• Fully illustrated in color.
• 37 species and 15 varieties described, with full details on identification, habitat and geographic range (80 additional taxons cited).
• Introduction covers classification, structure, morphology, ecology, toxicology, edibility of Amanita genus.
• Detailed keys are provided for identifying subgenus and sections.

Price: 30 € (plus delivery cost)





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